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About this Fragrance

Rehab unveils an intoxicating voyage back to the realm of fragrance indulgence. A masterful fusion of nature's finest essences, this remarkable scent harmonizes the vibrant allure of Bergamot, the purity of natural Lavender, the fiery embrace of Black Pepper, and an ensemble of tantalizing spices. It achieves an unparalleled equilibrium, resting gracefully on a foundation of authentic Sandalwood and Musk, bestowing a contemporary aromatic expedition of the fougère family.

Embark on a fragrant odyssey that encapsulates the essence of longing and insatiable craving. Rehab captures the elusive allure, an irresistible blend that captivates with its velvety sweetness intertwined with smoky intrigue. With a hypnotic pull that borders on primal fascination, this fragrance astounds with its sophisticated yet unpretentious arrangement. Lavishly rich lavender and elegantly spiced tobacco strike a harmonious chord, setting a vivacious yet refined ambiance that transcends gender boundaries, exuding undeniable sensuality. As Rehab slowly reveals its transformative character, smoky and creamy patchouli join forces with the warmth of vanilla, enveloping the senses in a lingering, amber-infused aura that permeates for hours on end. Beware, for the power of this dangerously seductive elixir lies at your fingertips—a power that we dare not dictate how to wield, but heed this warning: you have been forewarned.