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Psychedelic Love

Psychedelic Love

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About this Fragrance

Psychedelic Love is an intoxicating elixir, with an enticing alchemy of Rose, Hedione, and Heliotropin at its heart. It's a tender siren, masked in delicate crystalline whispers, which artfully conceals its audacious nature. Get swept away by the creamy embrace that dances with powdery finesse and unfolds into a floral reverie. Notes of velvety vanilla and hints of almond intertwine with ethereal heliotrope. As the petals unfurl, they reveal the sumptuous sweetness of ylang, a kiss of Bulgarian rose, and the silken touch of myrrh. Anchored by an undercurrent of patchouli that lends a sultry depth, Psychedelic Love is an indulgent affair that promises a hypnotic journey wrapped in sensuous luxury.