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About this Fragrance

Paragon envelops you in a transcendental embrace, as it seeps past the confines of the skin to the very essence of your soul, guiding you on an ethereal voyage toward serenity. This majestic concoction harmonizes the spiritual quintessence of Palo Santo and White Sage, ancient botanical treasures revered by the Inca shamans since antiquity. Their sacred wisdom, safeguarded through the ages in hallowed rituals, reveals the protective and purifying prowess these plants confer.

Paragon weaves the whispered secrets of these sacred elements into a modern tapestry, potent and lingering. It caresses your senses with the calming whispers of Bergamot and Lavender, while igniting the mind and kindling the heart with the dynamic vigor of Pepper. This aromatic alchemy cocoons you in a guardian aura that shields the corporeal, emotional, and ethereal aspects of your being. With Paragon, journey beyond the material realm and find your soul enraptured in an oasis of positivity and peace.