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Musk Therapy

Musk Therapy

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About this Fragrance

Immerse yourself in an aromatic journey,
Inhale and embrace a tapestry of transcendent emotions,
Discover the alchemy of olfactory healing.
Exquisite natural white sandalwood fuses with an abundant infusion of white and pink musk, crafting an irresistibly creamy and sumptuous harmony.
The ethereal white magnolia awakens the senses to sheer pleasure, while the vibrant cassis invigorates the spirit, unleashing an undertone of sensuality.
MUSK THERAPY Extrait de Parfum, an enchanting elixir from the Hedonist Collection, weaves the spell of serene euphoria and well-being.
A captivating gateway to a realm of unadulterated bliss, transcending the mundane and the artificial.