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Giorgio Armani

Armani Prive Rose D Arabie

Armani Prive Rose D Arabie

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About this Fragrance

Discover Armani/Privé ROSE D'ARABIE, a majestic ode to the voluptuous ambery damascena rose, intoxicating, undulating like a desert melody.

ROSE D'ARABIE was inspired by the most beautiful of all roses, a royal rose, the incarnation of opulent sensuality for Giorgio Armani. It is a majestic ode to the voluptuous damascena rose, unveiling every shade of red in its corolla, from royal purple to sensual scarlet. It is together uniquely generous, incandescent and ostentatious.

An intoxicating rose, revealing its unabashed sensuality. From spicy notes of saffron, it blossoms into a heart of patchouli and dark woods, before surrendering to the voluptuous accords of golden amber.