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Amabile Eau de Parfum

Amabile Eau de Parfum

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About this Fragrance

Amabile embraces the legacy of its venerated kin, Accento and Erba Pura, weaving a symphony of scintillating freshness that transcends time. This avant-garde elixir dances on the skin with effervescent top notes, where crisp green apple cavorts with sun-kissed Mediterranean fruits, painting a vivid tapestry of vibrant zest.

As the melody evolves, the heart blossoms into an intoxicating bouquet of exotic florals with a whisper of spice – a tantalizing embrace that evokes a sense of wonder. The crescendo of Amabile's olfactory symphony emerges in a base that is both harmonious and enigmatic, as it juxtaposes its exuberant prelude with the rich timbre of exotic woods. The pièce de résistance is the innovative Green Vanilla – a pioneering extraction of the still-maturing vanilla pod, yielding sweet serenades with verdant undertones.

Sensuously rounded off by the tender caress of white musk, Amabile lingers lovingly on the skin, etching an indelible memory. It is a fragrant ode to joy that seeks to cast a radiant smile upon the world, an elixir that graciously nods to its lineage while forging its own eternal signature.