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Alexandria III Parfum

Alexandria III Parfum

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About this Fragrance

Embark on an olfactory odyssey with “Alexandria III” by Xerjoff, an embodiment of sheer opulence and mystique reminiscent of the ancient splendor of Alexandria. This fragrance is a bejeweled crown in the illustrious Alexandria series, which is celebrated for its rich tapestry of sumptuous florals woven with the most coveted ouds sourced from the lush landscapes of Southeast Asia.

Conceived in collaboration with Kostas, Xerjoff's esteemed Brand Ambassador, Alexandria III is a symphony of scents that crescendos into an orchestration of aromatic indulgence. The opening act features a delicate breath of lavender, which now cascades into a heart that is both sumptuous and warm, harmonizing the melodies of rosewood with the sensual embrace of intoxicating Bulgarian rose. This is tenderly cushioned by whispers of lily of the valley, that add an ethereal grace.

The real maestro of this composition is the enchanting Laotian oud – a treasure as rare as it is mesmerizing. It evokes the allure of distant lands, as though one were weaving through the ancient bazaars and palaces of the Orient. In Alexandria III, the oud abandons its more savage whispers and elegantly waltzes with the warm, velvety embrace of amber, and the creamy depths of sandalwood. This alchemy conjures an aura that is at once powdered and profound.

Previously encased in a dazzling ensemble of golden crystals, with only 99 bottles brought to life, Alexandria III continues to radiate its magnetic charm in its resplendent new attire. Part of the prestigious Oud Stars Collection, this fragrance is an homage to the timeless art of Arab perfumery, with its heart anchored in pure oud distillation.

Alexandria III is not just a fragrance; it is a living masterpiece – an invitation to journey through the echoes of a bygone era, cloaked in the garments of modern magnificence.