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Alexandria II Parfum

Alexandria II Parfum

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About this Fragrance

Immersing you in the ethereal embrace of lunar reflections upon a tranquil lake, Alexandria II is an olfactory tapestry woven with threads of history, mystique, and cultural opulence. The symphony of scents commences with the ephemeral whispers of resplendent lavender entwined in an enchanting dance with a mélange of succulent apples, kissed by the delicate caress of cinnamon and the soulful touch of Brazilian rosewood. This alchemy beckons forth the very essence of Alexandria - a city that has stood as a timeless testament to human grandeur.

As the heart of this fragrance unveils itself, the poetic juxtaposition of regal Bulgarian rose and the unassuming lily of the valley echoes the city's rich tapestry of triumphs and tribulations. The velvety petals of the rose bloom in ardent passion, as the beguiling innocence of lily of the valley hides whispers of intrigue akin to the historical sieges that once plagued the great city. These layers are accentuated by the majestic cadence of cedarwood, instilling the aroma with an oriental aura reminiscent of ancient Arabian perfumery.

Ensconced in this fragrant mosaic is the crowning glory of Alexandria II - an exquisitely crafted base of rare Laotian oud. Like a celestial serenade, this elixir deepens the aromatic woody chorus, adding an almost sacred dimension. This divine resonance is then lovingly cradled by the warm embrace of amber and the intoxicating allure of vanilla, evoking the soulful whispers of an age gone by.

Alexandria II is an ode to a city that has touched the heavens with its splendor. It's a complex, multifaceted gem that encapsulates the echoes of the ancients within each drop, inviting you to partake in an olfactory journey through the tapestry of human triumphs and tribulations.