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40 Knots

40 Knots

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About this Fragrance

Set sail on an opulent voyage with “40 Knots” - a fragrance by Xerjoff that is an ode to the elegant marine escapades along the enchanting Mediterranean shores. This scent is an alchemy of contrasts, much like the sea it evokes - gleaming surface waves hiding profound depths beneath.

With the first spritz, you’re greeted by a refreshing marine breeze, reminiscent of the pristine waters kissing sun-drenched shores. The vividness of underwater flora is brought to life, as verdant, sun-warmed botanical notes swirl and mingle with the invigorating saltiness of the ocean.

As “40 Knots” settles, its soul takes you on a journey through the echoes of a famed Italian yacht club. The scent's boldness sways like waves, from the almost menthol freshness of salt, to a sumptuous symphony of dark, enigmatic undertones. Notes of coffee, cedar, and a hint of clove emerge, enveloping you in an aura that is both rich and tantalizing.

This fragrance captures not just a scent, but an experience; the unbridled liberty of gliding through open waters, and the awe of the endless azure depths. Whether or not you’re aboard a yacht, “40 Knots” will have you navigating through your day with the grace and mystique of the Mediterranean sea in your wake.