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1861 Zefiro

1861 Zefiro

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About this Fragrance

Embark on an olfactory journey through the Eternal City with 1861 Zefiro - a tribute to Rome's timeless allure and Baroque tapestry. This opulent fragrance weaves a story where ancient splendor and modern vivacity dance in unison through the Roman streets.

Zefiro unfurls with a heady embrace of la dolce vita, painting a picture of sun-soaked terraces where laughter mingles with the clinking of wine glasses. It’s an intoxicating overture of bergamot and elemi, reminiscent of a luscious Italian banquet, infused with rich fruits and the effervescence of fine wines. As you wander further, spicy cardamom and cinnamon envelop you, capturing the spirited essence of Rome’s pulsating crowds, while a delicate melange of iris and carnation weaves tales of beauty, from the blossoms adorning the city to the elegance that graces its piazzas and night haunts.

As the fragrance settles, it reveals a deep and layered heart where history whispers its secrets. The sumptuousness of amber and the mystical aura of smoky incense transport you to opulent galleries, grand palazzos, and remnants of imperial majesty. Yet, this is seamlessly intertwined with the enticing notes of honey, a reminder that Rome's true magic lies in the harmony of its dualities.

1861 Zefiro is not just a fragrance; it's an exquisite symphony where each note sings of Rome’s rich heritage, its fervor, and the unyielding inspiration that courses through Italy’s veins. Decadent, mysterious, and profoundly Italian, let Zefiro sweep you away into the intoxicating embrace of Rome.