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Oud for Happiness

Oud for Happiness

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About this Fragrance

Oud for Happiness is your elixir to an elated state of being. A contemporary bridge to euphoria, this fragrance deftly combines the indulgence of the prized Indian oud with an invigorating whisper of verdant narcotic grass, creating an exuberant and boundless aura. This captivating blend offers a transcendent retreat that encourages relaxation while igniting an empowering sense of self-assurance.

More than a mere fantasy, Oud for Happiness is an invitation to a clandestine realm where you can bask in a symphony of profound serenity and alignment.

This sumptuous variation of its renowned kin, Oud for Greatness, is touched with a creamier and somewhat more saccharine character. Zesty ginger dances harmoniously with the subtle warmth of anise and the rich depth of dark vanilla. The composition is gracefully anchored by the earthy embrace of Indian oud and cedarwood, crowning this creation by Initio as the new darling from the maison.

Step into the intoxicating embrace of Oud for Happiness, where each drop delivers on its name, guiding you through an odyssey of modern exultation and splendor.