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Masque Milano

Luci Ed Ombre Eau de Parfum

Luci Ed Ombre Eau de Parfum

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About this Fragrance

Luci ed Ombre is the whisper in the shadows that embroiders edges of dark and uncertain remnants of light.

The fragrance unveils in stages, that the nose himself described as “Light, Chiaroscuro, and Dark notes”. In reality, the mood and overall development of Luci Ed Ombre is perhaps more complex than this might suggest. Chiaroscuro is a word that suggests romantic shadowed darkness and the kind of glow from a single candle or a low wattage bulb swinging in silence.

In the opening, the “light” notes are characterized by ginger, so compelling, razor clean and juicy. Such a fickle note to work with, often too foodie and obvious, ginger has been nearly killed by its association with lemon in fruit teas. The scent can be really be quite flu remedy sickly. Here though, Giuseppe employs ginger as a light and damp earthy citrus, its unique timbre needed to temper the white florals that open around it. Without it, the tuberose and jasmine would shriek like impatient sopranos.

In the heart, a gentle, watery tuberose

Luci ed Ombre is a scent that shimmers at the edge of light, licked by the shadows of indolent jasmine and tuberose, their heady reek cut loose in soft air. The lessons Mr. Imprezzabile has learned to perfection at Meo Fusciuni, he has brought to MASQUE MILANO with a lambent quietude. The more you wear Luci Ed Ombre the more you recognise how gently the notes have been assembled. Giuseppe treads softly in a forest of fumed luminosity. Such effervescence in the flare of incense and mossy florals as it is spritzed and that 80’s vibe is just so damn lush. It is a scent of stillness in an often-crowded synth beat memory and Joop-soaked euro boys. 

Alessandro, Riccardo and Giuseppe have managed somehow to create something mysterious and odd; a ghost of incense after smoke, cold in stone, a strange sci-fi floral twist in the centre and an addictive quality that is truly hard to shake once the skin and senses have tasted it.