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Enigma Pour Femme Parfum

Enigma Pour Femme Parfum

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About this Fragrance

An elegantly seductive Parfum for women, Enigma Pour Femme has the magical ability to envelope the wearer in its exotic charm and enchant any who fall into its path. Based around the seductive qualities of Peach and Sandalwood, a swathe of this voluptuous fruit contributes a velvety-smooth sweetness to the depth of this legendary skin-mimicking wood. A touch of citrus Bergamot alongside vibrant Heliotrope and Geranium lend a light freshness which is made rich and indulgent by a heart of Rose and Ylang Ylang, whilst intensely sensual notes of Ambergris and Musk linger in the shadows and form a women's parfum that gives the wearer a notable je ne sais quoi.

KEY NOTES: Rose, Ylang Ylang, Peach, Sandalwood