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Baraonda Extrait de Parfum

Baraonda Extrait de Parfum

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About this Fragrance

Baraonda is a spirit in a perfume bottle. The fragrance was inspired by Venedikt Yerofeyev’s book “Moscow-Petushki” and it captures the essence of the journey through Moscow stations. Baraonda is a sensory hurricane that surrounds one with a mixture of hot and aromatic notes, the scent of old barrels, with a fruity aftertaste. A delicate and costly creation that blends the taste and the smell of a single malt whiskey, lucid dreaming, reality, personal actions, and reactions. The bottle cap is made of Portuguese and Italian corks, a reference to bottling elements of alcoholic beverages. The color of Baraonda perfume liquid is reminiscent of liquor.

Made in Italy.