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Giorgio Armani

Armani Prive Cypres Pantelleria

Armani Prive Cypres Pantelleria

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About this Fragrance

Giorgio Armani was inspired by the coasts of Pantelleria for CYPRÈS PANTELLERIA eau de toilette, creating an ode to the fascinating Sicilian volcanic island.
Pantelleria, with its contrasts between the Mediterranean light and the volcanic rocks, shows the beauty of the most authentic nature, where uncontaminated landscapes erase the boundary between land and sea. CYPRÈS PANTELLERIA eau de toilette evokes the soul of the island by blending the fresh scents of cypress and sea foam, driven by a regenerating breeze, with natural elements distilled into a restorative fragrance. The perfume combines the aquatic strength and the elegant aromatic warmth of Pantelleria flora. This fragrance, designed to be caressing and restorative, contains the morning sea breeze that moves the branches of the cypresses.
The perfume opens with a pungent and dazzling brightness thanks to the harmony of the citrus notes of mandarin, bergamot and cedar that join the floral neroli. The heart is an overwhelming wave of marine freshness, where the aquatic accord mixes with the muscatel and the balsamic intensity of the cypress essence. The bottom creates contrasts and gives structure. While amber woods with mineral scents intertwine with the intense accord of oak musk, patchouli and vetiver create a sensation of woody foam.
Cyprès Pantelleria is enclosed in the iconic Armani / Privé clear glass bottle topped with a black cap.