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By Kilian

Angels' Share

Angels' Share

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About this Fragrance

Inspired by the deep cellars of the founder's memory and the mysterious "angels' share" evaporation, Angels' Share is Kilian Hennessy's most personal fragrance creation yet. This exceptional fragrance pays tribute to his heritage as an heir to the renowned French cognac-making family. French perfumer Benoit Lapouza collaborated with Kilian Hennessy for the first time to create this rare concoction. Opening with the essence of cognac oil, upon a blend of oak absolute, cinnamon essence and Tonka bean absolute, the scent lingers with long-lasting notes of sandalwood, praline, and vanilla for a delicious finish. Like a master blender combining the eaux-de-vie in perfect proportions for an exceptional cognac, Angels' Share is a masterpiece of fragrance creation. The weighted glass bottle is refillable, making it a piece of art meant to last a lifetime. This fragrance is a silent offering to the gods, a rare and exquisite sensory experience that only angels should encounter.